SPRINGFIELD — The Springfield Police department announced today that the city has not experienced an epidemic of looting since the June 1 tornadoes that destroyed the area. Officials announced that only a “handful” of arrests have been made.

On Friday, June 10, a male suspect was observed taking things from a house that was partially destroyed and deemed not livable. The suspect took lamps, lawn mowers, toolboxes and various household items and put them in his broken down pick-up truck across the street.

Director of Emergency Preparedness Bob Hassett and Sergeant John Delaney witnessed the incident while touring the tornado damaged area and reported the suspect. David L. Rosemond, 58, was then arrested and charged with larceny from a building and trespassing.

On Sunday, June 12 officers were alerted of a male suspect possibly breaking into 92 Manhattan Street, which had been vacated and deemed unsafe due to tornado damage.

Upon arrival, officers found William Rodriguez, 19, inside the building with a stolen iPod and Ray Ban sunglasses.

The suspect was charged with breaking and entering, larceny from a building and trespassing.

Both suspects were arraigned today in Springfield District Court.

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