LOS ANGELES — I’ve been to the frozen tundra. I’ve sat with on the ice cold bleachers in mid December. I’ve listened to the deafening sound of die hard  Green Bay Packer fans  welcome their favorite team on to the field, and though I haven’t been to a game in near five years, I felt, at least for a few minutes that I was back; frozen toes and all.

Thus is the goal of EA Sports with Madden NFL 12, to create the most authentic and realistic football experience ever delivered on a console, and it all starts with the entrance. During my play session, I watched as the Green Bay Packers ran from the tunnel complete with flags, then welcomed Super Bowl MVP on to the field — just like in an actual game. I was also shown entrances for the Colts,  The Cowboys and the Vikings, and each was just as true to the original as the last.

The attention to detail of EA Sports was also noticeable on the field as well. The action now flows much more realistically thanks to a new camera system thats much more true to form than years past. If you see it on Sunday’s it’s EA Sports goal that you see it in the game this fall.

Another buzz word that the EA Sports team threw around during my time with the game was “smarter.” Though it may seem like an ambitious goal for the long running series, it seems that they’ve succeeded. Everything in the game, from the coaches to the players and the front office makes much more intelligent decisions when it comes to strategy. One scenario the development team used to illustrate this was this: if Tom Brady gets injured, and the Patriots have a second string quarterback, they’re not going to throw as much. Teams will now make much more intelligent decisions, making for a much more realistic and much more impactful season mode.

Madden NFL 12 will be available for pretty much every system ever made on August 30.

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