LOS ANGELES — We’re just hours away from Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference, where they’re expected to unveil their brand new console known as Project Cafe, as well as detail the future of the 3DS and several key franchises. Keep it here with Blast for constant updates throughout the conference.

Alright, Joe here. We’re seated and ready. Now just to wait for Nintendo to get started.

They’re doing trivia again this year. At least they changed up the questions.

We open with an orchestra playing the music from Zelda over clips from the series.

Logo for the series 25th anniversary appears, as does Miyamoto.

Miyamoto talks up the evolution of Zelda especially the music.

The orchestra is now playing sound effects and music from the series.

New Zelda game for each system. Links awakening is available today via 3ds.

Free download of Zelda four swords: September.

Skyward sword launches for Wii by year’s end. A special gold Wii remote will also be available.

There will also be a 25th anniversary concert tour later this year in each region.

Two new CDs are also coming.

Miyamoto and the Zelda team head off stage to.more orchestra music.

Next Iwata hits the stage. He talks about the changing dynamic of the industry.

New console will provide deeper game experiences and wider appeal to non gamers.

New console will launch next year, but he says were hearing.more on that later.

Mario kart 3ds, star fox, Mario, Pit, a new Luigi’s mansion are all teased.

Reggie is on stage, talking about what gamers want. He wants to give something for everyone.

Mario Mart 3ds gameplay shown

It’ll include hang gliders now, underwater gameplay as well as customization. It hots this holiday.

Starfox will allow traditional button control as well as tilt based gameplay. Group play now features your friends faces.

It comes out in September.

Mario 3ds first handheld Mario created from scratch. Looks very impressive. It comes out later this year.

Were.now seeing Kid Icarus gameplay in depth. It will also feature new AR cards. Three on three Multiplayer. We also see Luigi’s mansion.

Cave story is announced in the third party rill. Were also getting g tekken, driver, and package man.

New console time. Its Wii U.

New controller features an LCD screen. Lime sort of like a tablet.

It.will allow users to switch between the scree. And the controller along with a lot of other features including being able to use it as a tablet. You cab also make video calls with it. Wow this thing is awesome.

Video is shown using the screen o. The controller as an inventory system for Zelda.

Screen is huge! Features wiring. Features two control pads, d pad touch screen, Michael and camera.

Games can use two screens or one screen.

Capable of web browsing.

This is a pretty cool concept.

Smash brothers will work on both platforms, 3ds and Wii U.

We’re seeing a tech demo of what the Wii U can do. Nintendo has taken a step up in visuals for sure.

Shield pose uses the acceleration device to spread the game around you.

Darksiders 2, tekken, assassins creed, dirt, alien colonial marines, ghost recon online, metro: last light, ninja gaiden, all coming to. Wii U.

EA is now showing off what the new console can do for their titles.

Deeper online promised as well.

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