LOS ANGELES — See that picture? That’s Peter Molyneux, creator of Fable hanging out with Gears of War head Cliff Bleszinski backstage rehearsing for Microsoft’s E3 presentation this coming Monday. We know that Cliffy is there to talk up Gears 3, but Molyneux doesn’t have anything confirmed for the show…yet anyways.

Internet sleuth superannuation has discovered a few new website domains, all registered to Microsoft that seem to point to a few new reveals, including one for a brand new and presumably Kinect powered Fable title. The other domains point to reveals for the highly rumored Kinect Fun Labs, Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2. The list:

  • Dancecentral2.org
  • Kinectsportsseason2.org
  • Fablethejourney.org
  • Kinectfunlabs.org

We’ve seen domain names pop up and never turn out before (We’re getting a ton of rumored domain names for Project Cafe), so anything can happen, but this one seems pretty legit. We’ll know for sure tomorrow morning as Microsoft kicks off E3 2011 at 9:30 AM. Don’t forget to check out our liveblog!

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