NATICK — Katie Cazorla is a girl’s girl, from head to toenail, and she’s proving it to America from a traveling nail salon. Cazorla launched her nation wide tour in a mini-salon truck to promote her upcoming TV Guide Network show, “Nail files,” and landed in Natick.

“Nail Files,” Cazorla’s new show, chronicles the exploits of her nail salon in Los Angeles, The Painted Nail. After moving to LA from upstate New York in hopes of being a stand up comedienne, Cazorla became fed up with subpar (or even horrific) mani/pedis.

“I felt like there is a lack of places to get your nails done,” Cazorla explains.

After a particularly horrifying pedicure experience involving a drill, a callus remover and some newspaper, Cazorla decided to take matters into her own, neatly manicured, hands. She had a dream that she opened a wildly successful nail salon with plush chairs and free drinks, so she decided to make her dream come true.

“It was risky,” Cazorla said about opening her dream salon. Her family and friends thought it was equally as crazy, but supported her anyway.

Three months later, after extensive studying and some nail schooling, Cazorla opened the doors of the Painted Nail with little more than a hand written sign on the door saying “Open.”

The difference between her salon and others, Cazorla explained, is the relaxing environment, the cleanliness (everything is one-time-use), and, of course, the champagne.

Clients flooded in, and the business was an instant success, especially with celebrities.

“Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Teri Hatcher, Debbie Gibson, oh my God I freaked out when Debbie Gibson came in!” Cazorla listed only a few of the many celebrities that frequent her salon. “We booked up so fast.”

Hilary Duff even had her bridal party’s nails done at the salon before her wedding.

The Painted Nail caught the eye of a television producer at it’s grand opening. He approached Cazorla with the premise of a reality show about a nail salon, and said he was just looking for a venue. After some negotiation, Cazorla accepted and “Nail Files” was born.

Cazorla never though her salon would make it so big, especially after she abandoned her Hollywood dreams and got what she dubbed a “regular job.”

“I gave up doing comedy and show biz, and all of a sudden it happened!”

Even though Cazorla now has a solid foot in the entertainment industry’s door, she has no intentions of reviving her former dreams.

“I love nails and I love everything about nails. I can’t imagine giving that up to take a chance on something else,” Cazorla explained enthusiastically.

The Painted Nail now includes a hair salon and party lounge to continue the VIP nail experience. The salon’s transformations are far from done, however.

“My goal is to have more of the Painted Nail in different places,” Cazorla said.

“Nail Files” airs June 21st on TV Guide Network. Expect a light-hearted reality show with just a little drama.

“It’s a cute, funny show without the cragginess of reality TV,” Cazorla jested. “Without the drunken girls…which I love! But I don’t want to be one.”

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