A recent study ranked Boston second in a list of 50 cities poised for greatness partly due to a rich art scene and a commitment to the environment.

Edge Shave Gel and Sperling conducted the “Cities on the Edge” study based on five different categories to Asses which US cities’ residents are most likely to achieve greatness.

“This study is about helping guys get their edge by showing them the places they can go to help them achieve their own personal greatness,” said Jeffrey Wolf, senior brand manager for Edge, in a press release. “The brand was founded on the premise of giving guys an Edge in front of the mirror and this is about taking that one step further and helping them get their edge in life.”

Researchers said Boston ranked so high because of its music and arts scenes and health resources. It also ranked in the top ten for education level and LEED-certified buildings.

San Francisco took the number one spot and Denver, Colo., ranked third.

“Each of these cities landed in the top percentiles in the arts categories and in LEED certifications, while cities like Providence and Memphis barely cracked the seventh percentile in arts and were all in the bottom sixth percentile for LEED certifications,” said Bert Sperling, president of Sperling’s BestPlaces, in a press release. “But what was most surprising to us was the number of San Francisco residents who went on to become professional athletes, about 17 per 100,000 population, which is much higher than other cities.”

Tampa, Fla., Providence and Memphis took the bottom spots on the list.

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