SPRINGFIELD — Mayoral Candidate Antonette Pepe promised today to take immediate action against crime if elected after she learned that Springfield is the 12th most dangerous city in America, according to recent FBI statistics.

The city rose in every category except for larceny from 2009, and has surpassed the crime rates of much larger cities, including Boston, Miami and New York.

“We must look at new ways to stop crime in our city,” Pepe said in a statement. “This is not acceptable.”

Pepe proposed to have police substations and community policing to reduce crime rates. This plan would not raise taxes, according to Pepe’s press release. She also feels that if the community interacts with police officers positively, it will gain trust with both parties, and result in more cooperation from Springfield residents.

Current Mayor Domenic J. Sarno has gun shot warning devices and cameras in place to help combat violent crime.

The candidate denounced Sarno’s crime prevention systems, reasoning that they only help after crime has occurred, rather than being proactive.

“We need a mayor that is a leader that is not going to settle for excuses, and this is inexcusable,” Pepe said.

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