The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, wants kids under 13 to be allowed on Facebook, saying the youngsters should be allowed, for educational purposes, to access his social network.

In theory this sounds like a great idea, especially as children are the future and definitely more savvy when it comes to computers and the internet, but some groups — and law — would disagree with the plan.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) bans sites from collecting information from kids under 13. Parental groups also worry that child predators out there could possibly be detrimental to this plan.

Zuckerberg is tech savvy as well as business savvy, and opening the flood gates to children would certainly be good for Facebook’s bottom line, but at the same time, the question reamins: how can he stop those who are still out there waiting for something like this? For parents of younger children, they may not want their kids online.

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  1. Burkely Hermann

    People under 13 are already on Facebook (even if they aren’t supposed to be) so this doesn’t change much of anything. I think that it could be a good idea, but there still has to be cap on the age people can get on Facebook. Possibly age 7 or 8 could be a good cap, if they deem that this would be good for “educational purposes.”

    • Acquanetta Ferguson

      You’re right. A parent can only do so much protecting, and while initially it sounds great in theory, how can this really benefit children educationally? There are sites doing this already that a parent trusts.

  2. ICT StudentICT Student

    May i have permission to use the picture for my coursework?


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