United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) granted $44 million to revitalize run down public housing developments in Boston and Taunton, according to Barbara Fields, HUD’s Regional Administrator. The grant, announced today, is a part of $153 million awarded to eight public housing agencies nation wide through HUD’s HOPE VI Revitalization Program to revitalize “severely distressed” housing developments.

The award will give $22 million in funding to the second phase of the redevelopment of the Old Colony public housing development in Boston, where the Boston Housing Authority will demolish 223 units of public housing and replace it with 169 affordable apartments.

The other half of the grant will go to the redevelopment of Fairfax Gardens public housing in Taunton, where the Taunton Housing Authority plans to demolish 150 units of public housing and replace it with 160 mixed-income rental units and 30 Loan to Purchaser soft mortgages.

“As we invest in cities and towns across the Commonwealth, communities need resources to provide quality and affordable housing solutions to foster community development,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “Governor Patrick and I thank the Obama Administration for awarding HUD grants to both Boston and Taunton Housing Authorities, and we also thank our congressional delegation for their continued support of public housing resources.”

36 public housing authorities applied for fiscal year 2010 HOPE VI Revitalization funding, but only the eight announced today will receive it. HUD was more likely to give the funding to applicants who plan to use housing redevelopment to also improve early childhood education programs.

“As someone who grew up here at Old Colony, lived here for 15 years with my mom and dad and five sisters, I want to thank President Obama, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and all my colleagues in the Senate and House who have supported public housing during these difficult times,” Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said. “This $22 million in HOPE VI funds will create jobs while revitalizing Old Colony, improving the quality of life for the good families who live here. ”

HUD has awarded 260 HOPE VI revitalization grants to 133 housing authorities since 1993. These grants are used for a variety of improvements to public life concerning residencies and community.

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