How about a marathon you can sit down for? Today’s Boston Theater Marathon, 12 am—10 pm at the BCA, will provide plenty of exercise for your imagination, your mind and your senses with no possibility of shin splints. Organized by B.U.’s Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, it’s a festival of 10-minute plays by area playwrights.

10-minute plays are the short stories of the theater world. Longer than a sketch but shorter than a traditional one-act, they’re delivery agents for a single, simple concept or conflict. Appearing mainly in festivals, they’re largely used by playwrights to show off their chops and generate interest in their longer work.

Over 400 Boston-are playwrights submitted works to Boston Theater Marathon XIII and 50 were selected by a panel of judges from the 50 participating local theater companies who stage the winning selections. Tickets to the event are $35 and all proceeds go to the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund.  Here’s the lineup:


12-1 PM

Share This World, Ronan Noone, Emerson Stage

Late, Lamented, Lynne Cullen, 11:11 Theatre Company

The Mouse, Colleen Hughes, Firehouse Center for the Arts

The Fudgicle Thief, Bill Doncaster, Boston Children’s Theatre

One More to Go in Beantown, Debbie Wiess, New Repertory Theatre


1-2 PM

Those Still Living, April Ranger, Theatre on Fire

Every Seven Seconds, Dan Hunter, Boston Actors’ Theatre

Crickets, Emily Kaye Lazzaro, Boston Center for American Performance

Cat in a Box, Julian Olf, Centastage

Welcome to the Hate Store, Jan Velco Soolman, Happy Medium Theatre


2-3 PM

The Resurrections, Catherine M. O’Neill, Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Slugger, Terrence Kidd, New Urban Theatre Laboratory

Uncommon Ground, John R. Sarrouf, Hovey Players

Birdbaths, “Twilight”, and Other Sundry Topics, Rick Park, Phoenix Theatre

A Handy Man, March Schrader, Village Theatre Project

3-4 PM

Trust Fall, Steve Lewis, Apollinaire Theatre Company

Rogue River, Oregon, Phil Schroeder, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Park ‘N’ Ride, Michael Ennis, Publick Theatre Boston

Procession, William Donnelly, Battleground State

Downward Facing Dog, Melinda Lopez, Another Country Productions

4-5 PM

Camberwell House, Amelia Roper, Perishable Theatre

Mirror Touch, Michael Burgan, North Shore Music Theatre

A Tall Order, Sheri Wilner, Liars & Believers

Perfect Strangers, Peter Snoad, Huntington Theatre Company

Rox-N, Miss Thang, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Holland Productions


5-6 PM

Stuck, Christopher Lockheardt, New Exhibition Room

Little Boys, Margaret Lagerstedt, Stoneham Theatre

Oops, James C. Ferguson, CoLab Theatre Company

Pentagon Mashed Potatoes, Cliff Blake, Company One

Teddy Ballgame, Caitlin Mitchell, Roxbury Repertory Theater


6-7 PM

Backfire, Leslie Powell, Image Theatre

Boy-Man, Diane Di Ianni, Sugar Cereal Productions

There’s an App for That!, Richard Schotter, lau lapides company

Wasted Kisses, Thomas G. Dunn, Orfeo Group

Escape to Wonderland, Patrick Gabridge, Fort Point Theatre Channel


7-8 PM

Beep… Doot, Aaron Kagan/Seth Soulstein, Bad Habit Productions

The Curator, Jennifer Diamond, Wellesley Summer Theatre

A Designated Awful Place, Gregory Hischak, Salem Theatre Company

Our Part to Change Things, Susan Goodell, Wheelock Family Theatre

M. Riverside, John J King, Turtle Lane Playhouse


8-9 PM

Sarah in Wonderland or…Robert Brustein, American Repertory Theater

Ms. Connections, Erin Striff, Boston College Theatre Dept.

Doll Hospital, Jeanne Beckwith, Pilgrim Theatre Research & Performance Lab.

A Ballad for Peggy, Stephen Faria, Nora Theatre/Underground Railway Theater

Game On, Gary Garrison, SpeakEasy Stage Company


9-10 PM

10 Years After Paradise, Israel Horovitz, Gloucester Stage Company

Squirrelly, James McLindon, Commonwealth Shakespeare

Bible Study, Daniel Sauermilch, FortyMagnolias Productions

Open House, Theresa Rebeck, Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Casting Amanda, Jack Neary, New Century Theatre




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