Massachusetts State Police took a Texas woman into custody on Wednesday at a highway rest stop in Chelmsford in connection with the death of her son.

Julianne McCrery of Irving, Texas was detained on Interstate 495 southbound and questioned by investigators from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

She has since been charged with second degree murder.

Her young son, Camden Pierce Hughes, was found dead on a secluded road in South Berwick, Maine, on Saturday.

According to police, McCrery killed her son in New Hampshire and dumped the body in Maine.

The cause of the young boy’s death was preliminarily determined to be asphyxiation, according to police.

David Procopio, a Massachusetts State Police spokesman, said McCrery was transported to a local hospital for “medical evaluation” late Wednesday afternoon, and that “a development” in the case had placed it under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire attorney general’s office.

McCrery was picked up after State Police received a tip from a citizen that at 10:20 a.m. a pickup truck was parked at the Chelmsford rest stop that looked like the vehicle seen near the location where Hughes’ body was dumped, according to Procopio.

The vehicle is being examined at a State Police facility in Danvers.

Spurred by a naval insignia near the license plate of the vehicle, Maine authorities had asked the military to help with the case. International law enforcement agents were also called in, as authorities could not identify the boy for several days.

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