Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — Modern Warfare 3 may be revealed soon. Now I know you guys have seen everything from a countdown clock to possible magazine reveals, but this time Kotaku seems to have gotten a bit of actual information on the highly anticipated yet as of this writing unconfirmed title.

First, the image to the right is apparently the game’s box art. Nothing has been confirmed, but Kotaku’s sources, who they claim have seen the game in motion supplied it.

Also, according to Kotaku’s sources, the next Call of Duty game raises the bar for the series in terms of both scale and ambition. Reportedly, the game will take a much wider scope, and feature large destructible environments (in a possible attempt to take some of the thunder from rival Battlefield 3.

Modern Warfare 3 will continue the story played out in the first two games, and will reportedly feature a more domestic setting, much like the American levels of Modern Warfare 2; but don’t expect Homefront.

Take it for what it’s worth, we’ve seen a ton of these supposed Modern Warfare leaks before. It’s looking more and more likely that Modern Warfare 3 will be revealed at E3 next month in Los Angeles (if we even have to wait that long). Stick with Blast for more info on Modern Warfare 3 and all the E3 announcements.


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  1. Anon.

    This is ridiculous. It’s clearly fake- They wouldn’t call the game by its abbreviation (MW3) on the cover, it just seems unprofessional. And destructible environments? I don’t think they’re stupid enough to ruin the entire style of the Call of Duty games- can anyone imagine the AC-130 or Apache killstreaks in MW2 with destructible environments? It wouldn’t work. Besides that, the engine used isn’t exactly massively powerful, nor will it have been changed in the year and a half of development- meaning if it’s getting destruction, it’s going to look terrible.

    • BlackSox9.

      Your Absolutly Right, guess we’re going to have to wait for E3 to fing out about any details on the real MW3

    • jason

      infinity ward has nothing to do with making this game despite what you may have heard. sledgehammer is doing the campaign and raven is doing the multiplayer so infinity ward would not need to be on the cover.,

    • James

      Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward are working on the single player.

  2. Kevin

    Yes Jason is right, infinity ward is no longer one of the major companies in the production line of the new Modern Warfare. But this is clearly fake, Call Of Duty logo is way too oversized, and the fact the rating symbol has TBC over the 18 makes it more obvious it is fake. They would’ve either had just the TBC or nothing, as you can’t rate a game that has not yet been fully produced

  3. anonymous

    How is it fake? Tbc18 is just a rating from another country. Over here we have esrb. Activision can put whatever they want on their boxes, lol. Besides, box cover looks pretty cool. The dude on the cover is probably one of the characters you will play as.

  4. cornelius

    This is absolutely fake and anyone who thinks it’s real must be easy to convince of anything. Activision hasn’t even commented on the game yet the storyline and cover has been released in back to back days? Yeah right! They’re known to keep a tight lid on their games. So far the only legit source I came across for Modern Warfare 3 is and they had some information on the announcement for the game. I just hope they make multiplayer much better and expanded maps as they have started to become too small and basic.


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