Google is becoming more of an internet giant everyday it seems. Today they announced their launch of something new called Music Beta. It is a service that will allow users to upload their music to the site where they would then be able to stream it. What do you think of this new service being provided by the company? Want to get in on this service? Since it is in a beta format, they is accepting request at

But according to Billboard, this is not what the company wanted. They actually wanted deals with the major music labels to effectively offer a service to people but per Zahavah Levine, representative for the Google who was part of the negations process lays blame for the company not getting what they want.

“We’ve been in negotiations with the industry for a different set of features, with mixed results,” she told Billboard the night before the announcement was made. “[But] a couple of major labels were less focused on innovation and more on demanding unreasonable and unsustainable business terms.”

What did Google actually want? They wanted “to offer a scan-and-match style locker service — where instead of uploading different copies of the same track to store in a locker for each users, the service would scan users’ libraries and match the songs they own to a centralized server, paying rightsholders for each stream.”

All of this was to coincide with Google’s music player app which will be available for Android smartphones. With so many services offering similar options, is Google becoming a bit greedy in its need to expand in every market? Or is their room for what they are offering?

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