Network television continues to limp towards its season finale, as a slew of once popular shows in their later seasons hit or tied series lows.

“Chuck” drew a 1.3 in the demo and just over 4 million viewers. It’s renewal prospects are up in the air given the new management at NBC, and the shocking fact that most of their shows are non-competitive. The fate of “The Event” (1.1 demo, 3.7 million) is more certain, as is “Law and Order: LA” (1.2 demo, 5 million viewers), as in certain to be canceled in the coming weeks.

CBS has seen its fortunes dwindle on Monday also since the departure of Charlie Sheen, making you wonder if they’ll demand his return. A “Two and a Half Men” repeat scored a 1.7 in the demo, and 6.3 million viewers overall. New eps weren’t good either for the eye net, “How I Met Your Mother” hit a low with a 2.5 in the demo and 6.3 million viewers, while “Mad Love” was dismal with a 1.8 in the demo and just over 5 million viewers. Once mighty freshman hit “Mike and Molly” suffered (2.2 demo, 7.5 million viewer) and the network that paid more than $2 million for the right to syndicate “Hawaii 5-0” might want its money back (2.2 demo, 9 million viewers).

ABC rode “Dancing with the Stars” to a nightly victory. “Stars” averaged a 4.1 in the demo over two hours, and gave a bump to “Castle,” which led the 10 pm hour with a 3.1 and 12.6 million viewers.

Over at Fox, just-renewed-“House” hit lows as well, drawing a 2.9 in the demo, and 7.7 million viewers. It

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  1. blizardc


    what more than you want than a tv show that has a dedicated fanbase, for 4 seasons now.
    It makes me laugh, worried, shocked, amazed, excited and just totally emotional. Every week when its on IM THERE… since season 2 I’ve watched it live. I care about this show and this is the only show i care about.

    Everybody watches more than one show in a week, but their are a few shows that actually matter. CHUCK IS ONE OF THEM.

    I’ve recommended Chuck to all my friends and family… girls, boys, women and men… people love it, I love it… so if NBC cancel it, i think they should just go DIEE

  2. Chuckfanatic

    Out of ANY show on air right now, CHUCK is literally the best I watch! Sure, some episodes are better than others, but overall, there is NOTHING else I would do on a Monday night!!! All my friends watch the show and we literally go on facebook right after each episode to talk about it. Further, chuck’s main fan base is younger/college bound—- they should be counting views on the INTERNET and adding them to on-air viewers, that would give a way more accurate count of how many people watch- I mean I couldn’t watch it Monday on tv— but I sure as hell watched Tuesday on the internet!!!!!!

  3. Kaylan

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