According to the Associated Press, Justin Bieber has agreed to record a public service announcement on cyberbullying in order to resolve criminal charges filed against his manager and a record executive because of the 2009’s frenzy at a New York mall.

The incident happened 2 years ago when thousands of Bieber’s female fans turned up at a Long Island clothing store to see the teen sensation and get autographs. Since it was too chaotic, police ordered the event cancelled.

Justin Bieber’s label Jam Records’ executive James Roppo got arrested after police stated that he refused to help disperse the crowd. Moreover, months later, police also pressed child endangerment charges against Bieber’s manager, Scott Braun, because he initially refused an order to tweet to the fans to let them know the event wouldn’t be happening.

Prosecutors told a judge Friday that they are dropping charges against both of them. The record company and a management company pleaded guilty to fire code violations.

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