I’ve been trying to figure out the big “game-changing” twist that “Supernatural” executive producer Sera Gamble has promised, the unexpected finale that’s in store, and I think I’ve got it.

Castiel is the new Lucifer.

Now I mean that very figuratively. Given his actions, and statements (“I still believe freedom is worth fighting for”) he’s clearly not looking to start the Apocalypse. And since he’s spent some time looking for God, he’s probably not looking to spite the big guy either.

That said, let’s throw some exegesis at you folks and try to dissect just how Castiel has morphed into Lucifer over a few years.

It all started when he sided with Sam and Dean. He rebelled, he broke script, and decided he was going to forge a new path. Who else did this? Oh yes, Lucifer.

If you cull together the lore from scripture, Lucifer believed Angels too deserved some good ole free will. Depending on your interpretation, he rebelled against God, said he was wrong, or otherwise went against the Angelic-code.

So Castiel tried to stop the apocalypse. And boy were we with him right? After all, that’s the protagonist side we were presented with the show. But that’s not what he was supposed to do. Even though there were perhaps some regime problems in Heaven at the time, he was still obligated to go along with what was written, decreed and set forth. But he rebelled! Just like Lucifer.

And then when the apocalypse was averted, a group of Angels, led by Archangel Raphael, started trying to put things together, starting with that anticipated Apocalypse.

So Castiel, still in his free-will seeking mode, gathered a bunch of like-minded Angels to his side and went to war with his brethren. Starting to sound even more like Lucifer?

It gets better. As things have progressed he’s grown darker. He’s made some tough decisions. He’s killing his own brothers. Even recently, one of his closest friends.

Then he started playing with souls (again, one of the Devil’s favorite toys as well), seeing their power and worth in this war. He took a little juice from Bobby’s soul. He raised the Titanic to get at an additional 50,000. And now he’s partnering with Crowley!

I don’t know where things are going next. But let’s look at the logical progression. That biblical lore/interpretation says Lucifer tried to usurp God, take his place and chart a new path. Isn’t that what Castiel is fighting for? The authority in Heaven?

Intended or not, Castiel is setting about a course where he will rule Heaven, and by extension, Earth. And it seems he now has some vested interest in both Purgatory and Hell too. Man, Lucifer dreamed of ruling all of these! And now Cass has his sights set on them as well.

So what do you think? Is Castiel slowly morphing into Lucifer? Or do his intentions trump the methods he’s using?

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3 Responses

  1. Donna

    Castiel has agonized over every decision he’s made;Lucifer always believed he was right. He still wants his father’s approval, so unlike Lucifer.
    There may be a rift between Castiel and the Winchesters at the start of next season but I doubt it will be anything permanent.

  2. yim

    Holy cow did you get this right. Very good prediction, even if there were still a lot of surprises in the finale. I really want to see your reaction to season 6 Supernatural. I wish that you’d publish that article.

    Some SPN fans went back to your response article on Jared Padalecki. Yeah, SPN fandom has nutters, and S6 finale vindicated some of the ugliness(Castiel haters). But, your article was soothing for some of us to hear.

  3. Gut

    Well now cas is lucifer. His power has declined but looks like the winchesters are in trouble..


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