The company behind Blackberry phones, Research In Motion (RIM) unveiled two new Blackberry Bold smartphones today as well as a new Blackberry 7 OS.

The phones, Bold 9900 and 9930 will feature the Blackberry Keyboard as well as a touch screen, giving this new style of smartphone a sleek up to date look, which is on par with other smartphones.

These phones will also be the thinnest phones Blackberry has ever put out, measuring 10.5mm and their touch screen is going to deliver a faster smoother performance when it comes to navigation, web browsing, pictures and video.

These phones will also provide support for 4G networks.  As you can see with these new phones, the company is trying very hard to compete with the hottest phones of the moment, Android, Windows, and iPhone smartphones.

But is it too late for Blackberry? As of now, the apps available for Blackberry is not quite up to par with what an Android, iPhone or Windows type of smartphone offer and even with the launch of these new style of Blackberry phones, can it really compete? The phones will be available this summer.

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