Here’s the winners of this week’s giveaway for Beta codes for Gears of War 3. Winners, send me an e-mail with your username at [email protected] and I’ll hand over the goods.

The following users have won Gears beta codes!


JoJo Disotto, who prefers the sawed off shotgun.

Nasser Z, a fan of the torque bow

UnionJackHunter, who also prefers the shotgun

Jose Vasquez, fan of the gnasher

Dendaye, who is the sniper you all hate

Mewannathis, who is looking forward to charging with the retro lancer

Zeki, the pyromaniac who likes using the scorcher

Kane Barrass, who goes simple and uses the lancer.

Hadi Ali, who has used the gnasher for each gears title

– nitrinho who also likes the lancer


Congratulations to the winners, have fun curbstomping! Look forward to a new giveaway next week!


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