We’re finally hearing our first concrete details regarding the long in development Marvel Comics MMO game thanks to PC Gamer.

The biggest news is that the game will be free-to-play, but require payment for specific upgrades. Also, you’ll get to play as your favorite Marvel Comics characters, and not lame new user created characters (I’m looking at you DC Universe Online).

The game’s script is being written by famed comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis, will follow cannon closely and reportedly features Doctor Doom as its main baddie.

Besides these details, not much is known about the upcoming game. Is an E3 reveal incoming? Stick with Blast for more as it becomes available.

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  1. hakkai

    really lame?? You are ignorant dude. Tell me how marlvel is going to put 100 wolverines on a map. Not monthly fees= no good upgrades on the game even if they put some lame upgrade that you need to pay for it is going to to suck. DC Universe has so many feutures that I think marvel is not going to have.

  2. Mafia Outlaw

    Wow a big company like that has only just relised that people like playing free games with the option of buying items. All these big companys comming in on the old MMORPG games will ruin the smaller guys because they cannot compete with marketing. I think its sad that this is happening because games like Torn, Mafia Outlaw, Mafia kings, Mafia omerta ect will have a very hard time trying to keep up with the big players. I see a similar thing with the big supermarkets pushing out the small local shops becuase they just cant compete. Now the same thing is hapening on the internet..very sad to see


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