Boston native singer/songwriter, Jill Goldberg, has been taking the music industry by storm as she rounds off her mini-tour celebrating her EP “Girl, Polite” at The Loft at Tommy Doyle’s in Cambridge on Thursday.

Goldberg’s timeline of work for her music spanning over a period of five years has resulted in the production of her first album “Travel On”, released in January. “Girl, Polite”, the main focus of Goldberg’s career at this point in time, brings a Cheryl Crow kind of sound to her previously established pop folk rock feel.

With the help of her producer Mark Turrigiano, Goldberg has made an immense amount of progress since her musical experiences with playing the clarinet, trumpet, piano, and arranging the repertoires for the a cappella group she participated in. She has inspired many to learn to play plastic trumpets and other similar instruments.

“I think of myself more as a music writer as opposed to a lyricist,” as Goldberg explained her hesitance to sing for an audience. The confidence gained from her work with the a cappella group has catapulted Goldberg to where she stands now in the music industry.

With just a Mac board and some artificial guitar and drum beats, Goldberg began composing music which would eventually lead up to “Girl, Polite”.

“My music is a novel instead of a short story,” Goldberg described. “It’s kind of complex. It’s poppy, yet sad music.”

“Girl, Polite” represents getting out all of your emotions, but for Goldberg it’s about wanting to say something mean to someone who has done you wrong and at the same time knowing that the virtue of politeness stands in the way of standing up for yourself.

Goldberg prefers songs from her first album such as “Travel On”, which tells about the love within her marriage as her and her husband traveled Europe together. However, Goldberg shares the same love for fan favorites like “Girl, Polite” and “I’m Always Right”.

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This album differs from “Travel On” because it no longer zeros in on the emotion of love, but expands to Goldberg’s other deeper feelings. She feels that this album contains a lot of angrier tracks.

A great deal of motivation from role models like Sara Bareilles and inspiration from the songs of her fellow female singers and songwriters has helped Goldberg to continue striving towards her goals as a musician.

When talking about her aspirations, Goldberg said, “I would love for people to know me who I don’t know. That would be a dream come true.” In light of this desire, the musician acknowledges the obstacles she must overcome: money and the “Nature of the beast” that is large music companies.

“There are people who aren’t that talented and if they have a giant company behind them pumping money into them, people are going to buy their music,” Goldberg described.

Goldberg’s show at The Loft at Tommy Doyle’s, beginning at 10:30 PM and her next show at The Grape Room in Philadelphia on May 13th will only do wonders for Goldberg’s presence within the music industry.

For more information on Jill Goldberg and her new album “Girl, Polite”, fans should not only tap into the musician’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, but also take advantage of a free download of the track “Not Worth It” available at

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