For those unlucky enough to have a Sony Playstation 3, at the moment, then you know that as of today, that things are not good for the company. Or the users.

For the past week and half, the Playstation Network (its online services such as online play, Netflix, etc.) has been experiencing issues, but without any ETA provided by the company as to when it will be fixed when the issues first issued.

In an announcement today that has shocked many, the news is grim. Those who have given all their personal info, well it has been taken. What does that mean? Among things such as the PSN ID, per the blog, things that were obtained were the “name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID,” as well as “your profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained.”

This is not good news by any means, and the blog goes more into detail about what can be done. The good thing is that with this announcement today, they have also given an ETA as to when the Network will be up and running, which should be within the week, but is too little late

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  1. Chris

    i dont give a shit how long it takes them to repair psn i’ll never go to x box fuck them it gost $20 a month gust to play what i get for free with playstation. And Fuck the hackers, this all started over sony suing a bunch of filthy noobchoobing second chance hardline G11 low powered scoping worlord aimboting Wii jacking camping jailbrakers. and i say good on em. jailbreaking fucked up cod 4 and then mw2 and it better not happen to black ops

    • Mike

      Free? Let me tell you something. No company EVER gives anything away for free dude. The consoles are more expensive and so are the games. That’s because the cost of running this “free” service is built in to them.

      I like ps3 also but the way they handled this was ridiculous. It’s been a week since the outage began and they’re only now letting us in on the fact our private information was compromised???? The only reason they’re admitting it at all is because they’ve failed to cover it up.

      People are tired of companies who treat us this way. We had every right to know immediately so we could make provisions.

      Sony is going to lose out bigtime because of this. And it’s all they’re own fault.

      I’m buying an x-box today. I’ll bet a million dollars I won’t be the only one.

    • san

      you do know that.. if this situation gets any worse you may not even have a fully functional psn until june..and be prepared to start paying.. trust me it always goes like this

  2. Joe Sinicki

    Question for you guys — do you think Sony owes those effected by the outage anything? It’s a tricky situation, since yes, a service that Sony provides is unavailable, but at the same time the majority of users are using the free service. Is it necessary for Sony to compensate for the lost time?

    I say yes. While it is true that most aren’t really paying for the service anyways, Sony is getting a ton of negative publicity from this whole thing (PSN-Gate 2011 as we here at Blast Tower have dubbed it), and are going to have to do something to make people happy again. Of course the first thing is to create a stronger network — and stop taunting the hackers — but I think they need to do something to make their millions of users happy.

    I’m interested to hear what our readers have to say.


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