It seems that Google is not the only kid who wants a piece of the “deals” block. In breaking news via Facebook is now getting into the coupon deals business.

This news follows on the heels of Google’s big announcement, and like the other coupon deal sites (Groupon and Livingsocial), Facebook will also offer enormous deals at huge percentages off “unlimited bowling with six friends for an evening for $60 (75 percent off)” and “luxury winery tour and 25 percent off all wine purchases for $50.”

Facebook Deals will launch Tuesday five cities starting only: San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego, and since it is Facebook, the deals will appear on the user’s newsfeed as well as via email.

This will make Deals more of social thing because the idea is once people start engaging and using the deals, they will then share those deals with their friends and so on.

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  1. Earl George

    Same stuff, just another clone. Why not use instead? Consumers, find free offers and businesses advertise those free offers for free. As a consumer you do not need to wait for 100 people to buy to get the deal, as a business you do not need to split your revenue with the deal site.


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