Just in case you didn’t believe the initial rumors, the seemingly endless stream of “leaked images” or even Miyamoto saying that the Nintendo was planning to releasing a new console a new console in 2012, here you go. The gaming giant has confirmed the rumors via a small line note in the company’s quarterly report.

In the report, Nintendo addressed the rumors by stating that they do in fact plan to release a new console in 2012. They also confirm that a playable version of the console will be available at this year’s E3 show in June.

Let the speculation begin.

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  1. Prasad

    If Wii successor also held in India so many gaming lovers will attend and also they know about this generation different gaming consoles i heard that the next gaming console from Nintendo they will launch it in the summer of 2012 i hope this new console will be the best gaming console among all the gaming consoles and its price will also be reasonable for all the people.

  2. Prasad

    very good news from Nintendo i hope the new gaming console will have a great features and available all over the world with affordable price with less price so many gaming lovers can buy it and enjoy those games which are now only available for high class people so price should be available for all the people.


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