This week, many social media platforms were dead. No life. Just a screen that screamed server is down will be up later. Or the connectivity was so slow maybe having a message that the server was down would have been better.

In this day and age, social media is not a byword but the end all be all for so many businesses and people that having a well known server host like “Amazon’s AWS services, which together comprise the company’s cloud computing platform” go down for a good portion of day is not a good thing.

If you use foursquare, you could not check in to get your points. No mayorship or badges unlocked.

If you use the new kid on the social media block, then you were not able to see your own newspaper full of tweets or Facebook feed with the most popular stories of the previous day.

The list goes on and on with people not being able to get their social media fix.

As of today though, per, the servers, while not full capacity, some of the big sites are viewable and working fine.

Could this happen again? And should some of these sites look for other alternatives?

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Acquanetta Ferguson is a freelance writer. This is the future, and she feels that the time is now to give reviews on the gadgets and tech toys before you spend your hard-earned money. When not going ga-ga over tech, she writes about her favorite sci-fi shows with complete abandoned. You can follow her at twitter @nettagyrl.

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