The last few episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” have been plot heavy, layered with double-crossings and unexpected twists that have everyone’s hearts racing while we scream curse words at the TV until the last second, which is right around the time our vocal chords have snapped. This weeks episode, “Klaus” however, proved to be absolutely packed with info that will obviously lead to just as many double-crossings, fists fights, back stabbings, steak stabbings, secret vervain drinkings, and brooding sessions next week. So just to make sure no one missed anything in the onslaught of info and history, lets recap:


  1. Elena woke up Elijah
  2. Damon always does something stupid (though awesome.)
  3. Damon’s strange girlfriend is around today
  4. Klaus and Elijah are brothers
  5. The term you’re searching for is “OMG”
  6. Alaric is “obsessed with vampires” – there he said it.
  7. Klaus drew the Aztec sketches about the Sun and Moon curse
  8. The curse of the sun and the moon is fake…it doesn’t exist. The real curse is on Klaus.
  9. “True love is not real unless it is pretend” …obviously Katherine has deep seeded relationship issues.
  10. Don’t stand in Damon’s way more than twice
  11. Klaus and Elijah have a different Daddy
  12. Daddy Klaus is a werewolf. Transitive property: Klaus is sort-of werewolf.
  13. A witch can kill any member of any supernatural species
  14. Brother’s who fist-fight and scream is a Vampire Diaries reoccurring theme
  15. Stefan will always protect Elena
  16. “Now that’s more like it”



This week’s episode, though info packed, still proved to be a backdrop for drama. Elijah popped up from the dead and with minimal convincing, as Elena used her “I’m a good guy” charm, was ready to help fight for the cause. Katherine is trapped with Elijah who gets creepier and a little more screwed up by the minute, leaving us feeling a little bad for Kat. (But hey at least she isn’t repeatedly stabbing herself this time). And poor Jenna has now finally realized that she is probably the only person in Mystical Falls who didn’t know that Vampires are real.

Damon is now, more than ever, being extremely clear about is love for Elena which is proving to be controversial in brother land. However, watching Ian Somerhalder be angry and emotional in his last scenes was nothing short of amazing and the more the writers of the show seem to be putting Damon’s love for Elena out in the open, the more it seems this may be something to stir up some trouble in the near future because if we are noticing it then we can only be sure that Stefan is too. If there wasn’t enough drama going on already, we will definitely be able to find some there soon.

Speaking of things we will see soon, the big question of this half of the season still remains, where in the world is Michael Trevino. This episode, though filled with talented other faces like Joseph Morgan (Klaus), was lacking in our weekly dosage of Katerina Graham, Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, and our favorite werewolf (still). All of these storylines, (Bonnie’s living in a shed, Matt’s ratting out Caroline, Tyler fell off the face of the earth) are pressing and house a lot of fan-favorites, so it is hard to see a full episode go by without any of them being addressed at all. This leaves us at the place where every episode of The Vampire Diaries seems to leave us every week: Is it Thursday yet?


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  1. Helen

    You have a quote mistaken, Katarine said:
    “True love is not real unless it is RETURNED”. Having said that, Katarina still has issues. 🙂

  2. layne

    oh sorry about that! looks like you’re right. The accent threw me off. My fault. but yes that being said… Katherine is still a little nuts. haha. Thanks for pointing that out!


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