According to NY Daily News, Charlie Sheen donated $5,880 to the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders, which is based in Calgary.

It is reported that a check the actor sent to the nonprofit group will arrive Friday via FedEx.

The donation happened to be made after the group’s Kaj Korvela showed some concern over a strange charity march which Sheen, wearing a hat saying “I’M NOT BIPOLAR,” staged in support of the organization last week in Toronto.

Korvela commented, “We weren’t consulted from beginning, and the impromptu parade wasn’t done in a dignified way in some respects. The hat was an insult to people, and that kind of concerned me.”

However, after Korvela heard from Sheen’s business manager regarding the donation, he said, “We’re happy to receive the funds, and we’ll use them to help people with serious chronic mental health issues and spread awareness about mental health.”

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