ABC is probably starting to worry about its Wednesday prospects. The once-mighty “Modern Family” pulled a 3.7 in the demo overnight, its lowest rating of the season. That’s down from when it was regularly pulling high 4s and low 5s Perhaps its just not as funny anymore .

“The Middle” was pretty dreadful at 8 pm, earning a 1.8. “Better with You” was worse, with a 1.6. It’s sure to be canceled, while “The Middle” is happy it got an early renwal.

Compared to those two, the return of “Cougar Town” to the Wednesday lineup with a 2.4 isn’t that bad. “Happy Endings” however earned a 1.7, a sign its likely to live its ending soon.

“Survivor: Redemption Island” was sturdy if not strong at 8, with a 3.0. The rest of CBS was in repeats.

“American Idol” was a beat as usual, averaging a 6.8 in the demo over 90 minutes, but averaged more than 21 million viewers. “Breaking In” averaged 7.5 million viewers, and a 2.5 in the demo.

8 pm

American Idol (90 minutes): 6.8 demo, 21.8 million viewers

Survivor: Redemption Island: 3.0 demo, 10.5 million viewers

The Middle: 1.8 demo, 6.8 million viewers

Minute to Win It: 0.8 demo, 3.1 million viewers

8:30 pm

Better With You: 1.6 demo, 5.3 million viewers

9 pm

Modern Family: 3.7 demo, 9.8 million viewers

*Criminal Minds: 1.9 demo, 8.8 million viewers

*Minute to Win It: 0.8 demo, 3 million viewers


Breaking In: 2.5 demo, 7.6 million viewers

Cougar Town: 2.4 demo, 6.3 million viewers

10 pm

Happy Endings (1 hour): 1.7 demo, 4.2 million viewers

*Law and Order: SVU: 1.4 demo, 4.8 million viewers

*Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: 1.7 demo, 7.2 million viewers

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