A narrow street is causing complaints and commotion in Roslindale.

When cars are parked on both sides of Seymour Street, the street becomes too narrow for cars coming from opposite directions to drive through at the same time. Some residents are requesting that the street be changed to one-way.

Rocco Corigliano, a resident of Seymour Street and a mayoral staff assistant, feels that the street is just too narrow to have cars parked on each side. “Police had to even be called once because no one wanted to move,” said Corigliano. The incident, he explained, first involved two cars facing head-to-head, but after a while there were five cars waiting to get through.

Rebecca Frank, a two-year resident of Seymour Street, said of the street, “It is really hard to pass through, and many times when you notice there is another car coming from the opposite direction, it is too late.” Frank added that especially with snow, it is difficult to find parking, not to mention a place to pull over in order to allow another car to drive through.

Jesse Bigham, a five-year resident of Seymour Street, shares Frank’s concern. “Seymour Street is simply too narrow to be a two-way street. When you have two cars coming from both directions at the same time, it can indeed be a severe annoyance, not to mention the potential for an accident,” said Binhgam.

George Vento, who has known a resident of Seymour Street for 12 years, explained how it becomes difficult for him when coming to visit.

“There is not enough space for Seymour Street to be a two-way street,” said Vento. He also added how it is impossible to find parking, saying that “Only if you get lucky can you find a parking spot.”

He believes that a one-way street should be enforced to end the yelling, screaming and beeping of horns. “No one wants to pull to one side, but is it truly that hard to move,” said Vento.

While Seymour Street has caused its share of complaints, residents must first start and sign a petition if they want the street to become one-way. Bigham said that if a petition were given regarding making Seymour Street into a one-way street, he would not hesitate to sign it.

“Once we get the petition and enough signatures we will get the transportation department involved and see if we will be able to make it a one-way street,” said Corigliano.

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  1. Paul

    I agree with everyone in that article. There are a lot of streets like that around Boston. No matter how many times you complain to the city they wont do anything until someone gets injured.


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