What oh what is NBC going to do with those abysmald ratings? It averaged a 1.1 in the demo last night, bolstered if you will, by a 1.3 from “Chuck,” and a new low for “Law and Order: LA” with a 1.0.

All ratings bets for NBC have gone out the window. With its relative failure as a broadcast network this season, it’s hard to predict exactly what will survive and what will not.

“Cougar Town” returned from a long hiatus with a 2.3 in the demo, and 8.5 million viewers, in the higher range for its total viewers for the season. That’s not bad, and is about or better what ABC’s several replacement shows have been drawing in its Wednesday time slot.

“Dancing with the Stars” led the night with a 3.9 over 90 minutes, and more than 19 million viewers.

CBS had misfortunes for the night, as a new “How I Met Your Mother” hit a series low  at 8 pm, hitting a 2.5 in the demo, equalled later at 9:30 by “Mike and Molly,” a series-low. Both were down from their upper 3.0 demo averages.

“Hawaii Five-0” returned in line with recent performances, winning the hour with a 2.6 in the demo.

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8 pm

Dancing with the Stars (90 minutes): 3.9 demo, 19.6 million viewers

House: 3.2 demo, 8.7 million viewers

How I Met Your Mother: 2.5 demo, 6.3 million viewers

Chuck: 1.3 demo 4.2 million viewers

90210: 0.8 demo, 1.7 million viewers

8:30 pm

Mad Love: 1.9 demo, 5.6 million viewers

9 pm

*Two and a Half Men: 2.0 demo, 7.3 million viewers

The Chicago Code: 1.9 demo, 6.4 million viewers

The Event: 1.1 demo, 3.7 million viewers

Gossip Girl: 0.8 demo, 1.5 million viewers

9:30 pm

Mike and Molly: 2.5 demo, 9.7 million viewers

Cougar Town: 2.3 demo, 8.5 million viewers

10 pm

Hawaii Five-0: 2.6 demo, 10.9 million viewers

20/20: 1.7 demo, 7.6 million viewers

Law and Order: LA: 1.1 demo, 4.9 million viewers

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