According to ABC News, actor Nicolas Cage, 47, got arrested in New Orleans over an alleged outburst against his wife, police and a few parked cars, but was bailed out by reality TV “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Duane Chapman, Sunday.

According to the New Orleans Police Department, the actor was heavily intoxicated and arguing with his wife Alice Kim, 27, in front of a home Saturday night, insisting that the house they were in front of was their rental property.

Police also said that the actor grabbed his wife by her upper arm and dragged her towards the property that he thought they were renting.

After that, Cage allegedly began to strike cars in the immediate vicinity and attempted to jump into a taxi when a police officer “immediately observed that Cage was heavily intoxicated and ordered him out of the cab, which prompted Cage to start yelling.”

TMZ also reported, Cage allegedly said to the police, “Why don’t you just arrest me?”

The police ended up arresting him on one count of domestic abuse and one count of disturbing the peace.

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