“Rio” took the top spit at the weekend box office, besting the latest installment of the “Scream” franchise $40,000 to $19,000.

The $40 million opening for the Johnny Depp animated films a good sign, as it carries a $90 million price tag. “Scream 4” will have to hold up however to match its $40 million cost.

The start is disapointing fie the film, following disappointing reviews. Most prognostications had the film opening much higher; “Scream 2” and “Scream 3” both opened with box offices north of $33 million and went on to earnings of over $90 million. It’s looking unlikely “Scream 4” will match that. (Check out the Blast review with spoilers or spoiler-free).

“HOP” maintained a healthy presence, upping it’s total to $82,000. However, “Arthur,” “The Source Code” and “Your Highness” continued to underperform.

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The Top 10:

1. Rio: $40,000,000, NEW
2.Scream 4: $19,279,000, NEW
3. HOP: $11,200,000, $82,642,400
4. Soul Surfer: $7,400,000, $19,996,627
5. Hanna: $7,326,624, $23,326,936
6. Arthur: $6,940,000, $22,348,417
7. Insidious: $6,856,554, $35,982,822
8. Source Code: $6,300,000, $36,989,522
9. The Conspirator: $3,924,000, $3,924,000
10. Your Highness: $3,900,000, $15,957,765

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