The Blast Magazine TV/Renewal Scorecard has been updated.

“Fringe” hit a series low in the ratings department Friday, drawing a 1.3 in the demo. Not that it matters; the show has already been renewed for a full 22-episode order.

“Smallville” returned from hiatus up a bit, as it gears up for the final run of episodes left in its 10-year history. It drew a 1.0 in the demo.

“Friday Night Lights” returned down from last year, with a 0.9 in the demo.

It seems ratings are mattering less and less on Fridays — most of the networks program reality shows which are inexpensive and less ratings dependent, while the CW’s shows are drawing the best ratings of the week for the network. “Fringe” was renewed despite ratings hovering at a third of its network average.

8 pm

Kitchen Nightmare: 1.5 demo, 3.7 million viewers

Shark Tank: 1.5 demo, 5.3 million viewers

Smallville: 1.0 demo, 2.3 million viewers

Chaos: 0.9 demo, 5.5 million viewers

Friday Night Lights: 0.9 demo, 3.5 million viewers

9 pm

What Would You Do: 1.4 demo, 4.3 million viewers

Dateline: NBC: 1.4 demo, 5.4 million viewers

Fringe: 1.3 demo, 3.6 million viewers

*CSI NY: 1.1 demo, 7 million viewers

Supernatural: 0.9 demo, 2.2 million viewers

10 pm

Dateline NBC: 1.4 demo, 5.9 million viewers

20/20: 1.5 demo, 5 million viewers

*Blue Bloods: 1.0 demo, 7.8 million viewers



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