If there is a show that consistently keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, it is without a doubt, the “Vampire Diaries.” Even if we completely disagree with what the writers do with a plot line, the show never fails to stir things up and be promisingly crazy week after week.

This week’s episode, “The Last Dance,” was, just like the rest, one for the books right from the start. Klaus proved to be as messed up as we all secretly hoped, compelling Katherine to repeatedly stab herself in the leg (that ought to keep her busy) and getting right down to business with his plan -dedicating creepy songs to Elena. Watching Matt Davis pull off Klaus was an amazing change to watching him do his typical “good-guy-slayer” routine with Alaric. We can only hope that the real Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will be equally as awesome next week.

The 60’s decade dance backdrop proved to not only successfully dress one of television’s prettiest casts in fantastic outfits with throw-back music and chemistry charged dancing, but also followed suit as far as social gatherings in Mystic Falls goes and be a source for unforgettable show-downs.

Caroline and Matt’s cliff-hanger storyline from last week seemed to take a spot on the back burner which was disappointing. However, the episodes have been so plot-heavy lately that it may be good that we can focus on that drama next week (when hopefully, Tyler will come back, to the rescue). This left room to pull in some borderline heavy Jeremy and Bonnie brooding, with Jeremy being typically Gilbert and emotional about not wanting Bonnie to go through with sacrificing herself to save his sis.

Elena and Bonnie’s tragic self-righteousness caused some serious emotional tension (where else do you see two people ready and willing to fight over who gets to die first) but also demonstrated a side of their best-friendship that we haven’t really seen pull-through since the first season. It is refreshing to see the strength of friendships grow in a show, which usually puts the majority of its focus on romantic relationships.

Fortunately, the writers seem to have finally figured out which basket to put all their eggs in; ‘The Last Dance” was one of the most Stefan/Elena/Damon love-triangle concentrated episodes we have seen in a long time. Though we can’t help but appreciate Stefan’s genuine need to keep Elena from getting hurt, the ending managed to leave us with chills with Damon admitting his emotional attachment to her in an up-front way without having it not be her, or compelling her to forget, or anything of that nature (finally). Even if Damon and Elena somehow never give credit to their obvious attraction, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have gorgeous chemistry.

While the episode seemed to end tied in a bow for once (except, oh yeah, Elena woke up Elija) we can rest assured that all hell is still yet to break lose in our favorite vamp-crazy-town. Damon said it best, “here’s to duplicity.”

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