“Twilight” star Taylor Lautner is going to be an action star in his up-coming film “Abduction.”

In the movie, Lautner is a high school student who ends up knowing that his parents aren’t actually his parents. And then, he’s on the run from some scary government agents who are attacking him before he finds out the truth about his origins.

It looks like we will get to see another side of the 19-year-old actor that we don’t see in the Twilight series, but don’t worry! In the film, there are romantic scenes that Lautner kisses co-star Lily Collins.

Lautner told MTV regarding his kissing scenes, “I mean, I think it depends. It depends on the person and your vibe together, ’cause sometimes it can totally be awkward. But if you’re in the moment and you are literally living these characters, you forget about everything else, then it’s fine. It was totally fine.”

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  1. Regina

    I love Taylor Lautner. He’ll do fine.

    I am so royally pissed about all the soaps getting canceled!!!! It’s irritating the hell out of me. It’s because of the dumbass writers that keep getting hired and putting these jackass actors on the front burner or doing the sam goddamned stories over and over again or stealing from other soaps. No soaps, not even Young and Restless is good anymore! We have lost our wonderful One Life To Live, All My children, As the World Turns, and Guidling Light. The next one out the door will be General Hospital and Days of Our LIves. If the idiot networks were going to cancel something, cancel Days of Our Lives. That is so fucking awful right now. it’s the Sami Hour. Dont get me wrong, I love Alison Sweeney but she is so much better than that bullshit that they are feeding her.

    I heard something about Mauric Benard who plays Sonny Corinthos on GH. He had an offer from Y&R to play Victor’s younger brother if GH ever got canceled. I hope he takes it because he has so much better acting chops that that bull that they giv ehim on GH. Actors, fight back!!!!!!


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