Independent film production took another giant step forward this week at the National Association of Broadcasters Show, with a pair of software debuts from Sony Creative Software sure to make waves in both the professional and consumer markets.

In the area of film editing, Sony’s debuted Vegas Pro 10.0d, an innovative program that boasts extensive post-production capabilities. An update to the already successful Vegas Pro 10 series, the non-linear video editing software expands into the burgeoning fields of 3D film and Blu-ray disc storage.

“The new enhancements in Vegas Pro 10.0d … provide cutting edge tools that equip industry professionals with improved capabilities to produce quality work at a greater efficiency,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software, in a press release Monday. These improvements include streamlined closed captioning embedding, as well as support for Advanced Micro Device (AMD) graphic chipsets – an upgrade that allows for faster project rendering. Additionally, the software features a new burning capability that allows for complete high-quality 3D Blu-ray film creation.

Vegas 10.0d has adopted Open Computing Language (OpenCL) – a cross-platform programming framework that has become an industry standard in recent years – a decision that Manju Hegde, the corporate vice president of the AMD Fusion Experience Program, sees as “key to advancing innovation, helping creative professionals to rely on and fully leverage available computing power on a common industry platform to bring inspiration to reality.”

Registered Vegas Pro 10 users can enjoy the 10.0d upgrade, which also includes improved audio track workflow and support for 3D Multiview Video Coding (MVC) and Multi Picture Object (MPO) file formats, free of charge starting in late April. The full suite will retail with a suggested price of $699.95.

On the sound-editing front, Sony Creative announced a high-quality sound effect series developed in partnership with acclaimed production studio The Detroit Chop Shop. The series spans a range of genres – from Action to Nature, from Transportation to Explosions & Impacts – in 10 volumes. Delivered in broadcast standard 24-bit/48 kHz sound, the effects are encoded with metadata, allowing for full searchability in standard search engines like Google and Bing.

Already an industry standard, The Detroit Chop Shop’s partnership with Sony Creative will “ensure parity for producers working with high-impact sound in the broadcast and film industries,” said Chaimson. The series is now available, retailing for $99.95 for individual titles or $799.95 for all 10 volumes.

Both products will be available for download from or for purchase at retailers worldwide.

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