According to New York Magazine, Lil Wayne won’t be able to tour Europe this summer after the U.K. Border Agency authorities denied him a visa because of his previous convictions.

The rapper was released after an eight-month stay in prison last year due to a weapons charge, and also has drug charges in 2007. Those things were the main reason why he wasn’t able to get a visa.

Lil’ Wayne says he is currently sober and told MTV, “My sweat taste different…My sweat used to taste like weed. But now it’s just, I’m like, I don’t know what it is.”

However, regarding the visa problem, a statement from Wayne’s management says, “No visa was ever filed, nor were there any tour dates announced, or tickets sold. Lil Wayne is currently headlining his I Am Still Music Tour across the U.S. and Canada with plans to extend the tour through North America this summer. We hope to bring the I Am Still Music Tour to the U.K. in the later half of the year.”

Either way, the rapper’s up-coming album “Carter IV” will be out on May 13.

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