Buying this lavender-scented candle is just one of the ways you can help

Next time you suds up, shave and relax in the tub, remember this: Taking just one bath uses, on average, over 40 gallons of water, while many people in the world have access to fewer than eight gallons of water a day. Nearly 900 million people around the world struggle to obtain clean water, and over 3.5 million people die each year from water-related diseases, according to But despite the grim statistics, there is hope. This month, Aveda celebrates its 12th Earth Month Campaign in the effort to raise $4 million to bring clean water to those who need it. The best part? You can help!

Aveda, known for its high-end skincare, haircare and makeup products made with plant-based, organic ingredients, has raised over $18 million for environmental organizations since 1999.

“Environmentalism and social activism are Aveda’s heritage; they are part of our culture, they are in our DNA,” said Katie Galloway, Aveda’s Earth Fund manager. “We believe it is our responsibility to care for the world and communities where we do business.”

This year, all of the money raised by the Earth Month Campaign will go to the Global Greengrants Fund, which gives grants to grassroots organizations working to provide clean water to impoverished communities around the world.

“Water is a fundamental human right and a global issue,” said Galloway. “Whether pollution or scarcity, this is a problem in everyone’s back yard.” Galloway continues, “We all have a role to play in preserving biodiversity and protecting the health of the planet for future generations. It’s a question of sustainability; we cannot continue to ignore environmental degradation without understanding its detriment to all life forms —plants, animals and humans.”

How you can make a difference

Relax with aromatherapy. One hundred percent of the purchase price ($12) of Aveda’s soy Light The Way Earth Month Candles will be donated to the campaign. The limited-edition candle is scented with 100 percent certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage essential oils and is packaged with recycled materials.

Go for a walk. During the week of April 22, join the Walk for Water event at participating salons and spas. Raise awareness by walking 3.7 miles, the average distance women in developing countries must walk in order to collect water every day.

Get your hair done. Make an appointment at a participating salon or spa and a portion of the service fee will be donated to the campaign. If you use Foursquare or Facebook to check in at that location, Aveda will donate $1.

Go shopping. Shop at and donate $1 at check-out to support organizations working to improve water quality for disaster victims in Japan.

For more information or to find out which salons and spas are participating in Aveda’s Earth Month Campaign, go to or

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