It’s been more than a month since “Supernatural” last graced our screens, and man, the wait is really getting to me.More so than usual — I just completed an annual re-watching of the show, complete with the already-aired season six episodes.

So where are we? Producer and showrunner Sera Gamble and creator Eric Kripke have promised a complete left turn at the end of the season, a “surprise twist no one sees coming.”

Apparently, this dark, for boding, and possibly sub-par “Supernatural” season has been sprinkling clues to this left hook all season: what is it?

What if the boys are in purgatory?

That’s all I’ve got. It doesn’t seem super-likely, since they’ve been searching for purgatory, and a lot of elements, such as Eve, would seem to indicate that they are still in the real world. One demon even commented that their world’s apocalypse and come and gone.

But just what if? There’s some weird stuff going on in Heaven, that’s for sure, and Castiel has not been entirely forthcoming with what’s going on. And he’s been treating the brothers pretty strange, and maybe it’s because they’re dead. In purgatory.

I don’t think that’s likely — but at least the tease has helped keep me invigorated what has thus far been a weaker season of the show.

That’s not to say this season hasn’t had its moments. The history of the monsters is a pretty cool angle, and I like the intrigue in heaven. I’m curious how purgatory and Eve go over, and Rufus demise was a powerful anchor for the series.

But the season has also had some missteps, and some weak episodes. Notably, Death’s reprisal (this all-powerful force gives Dean, a man, his powers?), a soulless subplot that was better in theory than execution, and the episode where everyone that sleeps with evil Sam dies, among others.

One of the great aspects of Supernatural was that for five seasons it constantly found a way to up the ante, and organically moving the show’s plot. First was the demon, who then wanted to let all the demons out, followed by the attempt to save Dean’s soul — which led to the first seal’s break and the fight the save the seals — to the apocalypse.

The sixth season, noted by creator Kripke as a new “volume” of the series — past the show’s original story arc — hasn’t been able to duplicate that organic movement. It’s tried, with the soullessness and Sam and Dean’s grandfather returning, but it hasn’t kept it going very well.

Not to say it’s been a terrible season. It’s been enjoyable, and the monster arc has promise that could still play out in the final five episodes, completely altering the perception of this season. I suppose the worst thing about this season is that I don’t have the urgency to watch the show immediately when or just after it airs each week that I had during the first five season.

So I look forward to the “big twist.” The resolution of the monster/purgatory/Eve arc is something I’m looking forward to, and the most interesting aspect of the sixth seaso

What do you think — can the show correct its course with this big twist?

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