On “American Idol” Thursday, Pia Toscano was voted off, after performing Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” Wednesday night, which absolutely made people speechless, including the judges. Toscano was always singing ballads but this time, by singing an up-tempo tune, she sensationally showed another side of her to America.

When the result was announced, judge Jennifer Lopez looked very shocked and upset.

She commented about the elimination on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday morning and said, “Honestly I don’t know what happened. The only thing I can think was that people thought she was safe, as I did. I thought she’d be around until the top five – at least until the top two.”

She added, “I was just trying to let her know that we were pushing her every week because she was one of the safe ones. In this business there’s always doors that are slammed in your face. I’ve had tons of doors slammed in my face. I told her to stay true in her heart, to have faith and to know that if this wasn’t the path, that there was something bigger for her, and I believe that.”

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  1. Pia is the Best

    Judges are all at fault, J Lo is an idiot, no better than rah rah cry me a river Paula, Steven should stick to singing with Aerosmith, Steven you are supposed to judge and offer constructive criticism, not cheer lead. Randy Jackson is a dope, the only technical term that he ever utters, as he knows very little about sound and singing is “pitchy”, which isn’t even an actual word or technical musical term. I went to college for sound engineering and have worked in both the studio and doing live sound reinforcement, these judges are absolutely horrible, a complete and utter joke and had everything to do with Pia getting screwed out of her spot on the show. I am done with this ridiculous childrens show, never watching it again. By the way J Lo, Pia blows your doors off vocally and you know it.


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