Kacey Rohl may be a bit of a new face to the television and movie scene but she confidently shares the details of her already expanding career.

In the past year Rohl has appeared on a number of TV movies and familiar television shows including FOX network’s “Fringe” and ABC’s “V.” Recently, the Canadian native has gone from television to the silver screen In “Red Riding Hood” along side Amanda Seyfried as Seyfried’s character Valerie’s friend Prudence.

“It was interesting, TV shoots faster, we have more to cover in a day,” said Rohl, of the change from television to film. “Films generally shoot slower and you can take more time with them. ‘Red Riding Hood’ was shot really quickly. It was just sort of on a grander scale with more lights, more cameras, and more people.”

Rohl has recently been seen back on the TV with the premiere of AMC’s “The Killing” last week. “The Killing” is the newest of AMC’s collection of critic-favorite cult classics and tells the story of a detective (Mireille Enos) and the residents of a small town as they try to uncover who killed Rosie Larsen.

Rohl plays Sterling, a high school student who was best friends with Rosie before her death.

“She is a young woman with dangerously low self esteem. She tries to find it in all the wrong places. Mainly boys.” She said.

Given the dark nature of “The Killing” it is no surprise that Rohl has found the to be a much different experience from her others.

“With Sterling I had to dig deeper.” She said, “I learned a lot about my process.” But she also believes that there is something familiar about her character, being that she is a teenage girl, dealing with self esteem issues and growing up.

“Every young girl went through that icky self-esteem part of growing up.” Rohl said.

Fortunately “The Killing” filmed in Vancouver where Rohl lives.

“I get to sleep in my own bed at night” she laughed.

Though “The Killing” is only around for thirteen episodes for its first season, Rohl’s career has yet to stop picking up steam. She told Blast we can expect to see her in two other recent projects she has worked on including “Sisters and Brothers” a film which Rohl describes as “structured improv.” directed by Carl Bessai. “Sisters and Brothers” has given Rohl the opportunity to work along side other familiar faces such as former “90210” star Dustin Milligan, “Glee’s” Corey Monteith, Tyler Labine of The CW network’s “Reaper.”

Rohl also revealed some tid-bits about her character in “The Killing” to Blast “She [Sterling] has a secret that she isn’t willing to tell right away.” If that isn’t a reason to have everyone glued to their television screens on Sunday nights we don’t know what is.

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