According to USA TODAY, Simon Cowell mentioned that Fergie is one of several names being bandied about for a spot on the judges’ panel for the US version of “X Factor,” which is going to debut this fall on Fox. For now, former Def Jam executive L.A. Reid is confirmed as a judge on the show.

According to the source, Cowell said, “We are still having nightly arguments with everyone, trying to get everyone to agree. If you asked everyone involved on this show who they would like on the panel, you would have 25 different opinions. It does show publicly our complete and utter indecisiveness.”

Also, he talked about the possibility for Fergie to be joining, “Her name was put forward. But like with a lot of other people we have spoken to, we have to check out everyone’s availability. There is lot of time you have to put into this show. It is not a 2 or 3 day a week job.”

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