So hey, the Commodore 64 is coming back, and get this, you can run Crysis on it.

I know, right!

Commodore has announced that they are re-releasing the classic system for the modern user.  Its original 64 kilobytes of memory will be  boosted up to 2GB of DDR3 (expandable to 4GB), with a 1.8ghz dual-core Intel Atom D525.

The new system can do full HD video, and is capable of Wi-Fi. And of course, it’ll also be able to do classic 8-bit games via an emulator.

The new Commodore is expected to release in June of this year for $595.

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  1. Anthony Leggo

    This is a good idea, but the main question is all thou it has and upgraded cpu that is not originally compatible with the old system, and the 8-bit games will run thru an emulator, will it still load the big black floppy disc. and will it have the same command sequence as the original commodore 64. My understanding, with all the new upgrade to an ms compatible motherboard it will be far from an upgraded commodore 64. If a system runs thru an emulator is not really an upgrade. I could be wrong. I really miss my commodore 64. It was more fun than my Microsoft.

  2. MyPecula

    Would be cool if it operated like a 128D, with an additional, c64 command driven pop up “emulated” windows mode rather than the other way around. 🙂


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