3. TV on the Radio – Will Do (XXXchange Dancehall remix)

TV on the Radio’s forth album “Nine Types of Light” drops on April 12. Ahead of the LP’s release, this spacey, dancehall remix of the first single “Will Do” surfaced all over the web this week. Just like TV’s previous three albums, the new record will likely receive wide spread critical acclaim in the indie rags and on college radio. Producers XXXchange, however, prove that part of the band’s appeal continues to lie in their songs’ adaptability to be reworked in cool and unusual ways. XXXchange’s dancehall remix of “Will Do” is available for free download on rcrdlbl.com

2. Rome – Two Against One (featuring Jack White)

Rome is the passion project of eclectic super-producer, Danger Mouse and film score composer, Daniele Luppi. This ambitious, concept piece has been in the works for nearly five years and now, finally, the first tracks from the upcoming album have been unleashed for mass consumption. Conceptually, “Rome” (the album) is the soundtrack for an epic spaghetti western movie that does not actually exist (yet). The album features guest spots from the likes of Norah Jones and Jack White. “Two Against One” is the track that White takes a turn on. The song’s windy acoustic guitars and shuffling percussion check all the thematic boxes and fit Jack’s vocal perfectly. Check out this track along with “Black” (feat. Norah Jones) at sterogum.com

1. Wu Lyf – L.Y.F

Topping Blast’s list of all things fresh and musical this week is the enigmatic, Wu Lyf (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation). The mysterious collective from Manchester, England have had British labels clamoring for them at the limited live appearances they’ve made so far. Rumors have surfaced that at one gig, label reps became caught in a bidding war over a limited number of demo tapes, some paying as much as 50 pounds sterling for the band’s EP. Like much of the stuff they’ve released so far, “L.Y.F” is self-referential, ominously religious sounding (check out that organ), and awesomely exciting. Wu Lyf plays their first US show in NYC tonight and only those lucky enough to be going to see LCD at MSG have a hotter ticket.  You can check out the brilliant video for “L.Y.F” on YouTube.

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