Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller pretty much sucks. No, it’s okay, you can admit it — they already have. Earlier this year, Microsoft released a new controller, complete with raised d-pad for better accuracy. Sounds great right? But what if another company did it better? Enter Evil Controllers.

What is it?

Evil controllers is a company that makes modified controllers and controller pieces. They’ve got a ton of products from different controller designs to controllers that are modded to perform better with a specific game. For this review, we’ll be focusing specifically on the Evil D-Pad, a modified d-pad replacement for the Xbox 360 that’s supposed to be more accurate and respond better to your button presses.  We’ll also be taking a look at the evil sticks for Xbox 360, which changes out the Xbox 360 thumbsticks for a pair with a better grip.

You can get both the Evil D-Pad and the Evil Sticks in two different ways, already mounted on a refurbished controller or as a kit that you can put on yourself. Don’t let the word refurbished scare you, the controllers the company buys and uses are described as “like new” fashion and as the company shows on the website, comes in great condition compared to other sellers.  Regardless of how order, the items come packed in a cool little box that holds everything together quite nicely.

How should you get yours? Trust me, you’re going to want to get it pre-assembled. Maybe it’s just me, but taking the entire controller apart and putting everything back in was nerve-wracking and incredibly difficult. The controllers that the company provides are in great condition (they even do their own soldering).

How does it work?

Surprisingly well actually. I was especially impressed with the thumb sticks and how much more comfortable they felt. Rather than the Xbox’s standard indented top, the Evil Sticks feature a rubber gripped top that make your thumbs stick incredibly well. I used my modified thumbsticks for a while and then the originals,  the difference was amazing and I soon found myself switching back to the modified version.

The same really goes for the  D-pad, which I’ve protested since the Xbox 360 first released. Essentially what the Evil D-pad does is separates the four directional buttons into separate buttons. The difference is amazing. Not only is the d-pad more responsive, it’s also much more comfortable. Take a game like Gears of War 2, where you switch weapons with the D-pad, no longer are you switching to the wrong weapons at the worst moments.

The Blast Factor: If you’re at all serious about your gaming, do yourself a favor, check out Evil Controller’s line of products at Their done with quality and pride  and could make quite the difference in your game.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to own an Evil Controller evil stick as well as some other cool goodies? Keep your eyes on Blast the next few days, we’re doing an auction for relief in Japan, and Evil Controllers has been kind enough to send us two awesome prize packs. There will also be items from Microsoft, Sony and some other awesome publishers.

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