The Los Lonely Boys’ album “Rockpango” can be translated as “rock party,” but their music is more rock, blues, Latin, country, and soul. The album is well done in terms of colorful flow between tunes. It’s a great album to listen to when relaxed.

The album starts with a Latin rock tune “American Idle.” Henry Garza’s heavy guitar sound makes their vocal harmony more dramatic. The tune is a perfect fit to kick off the album. The next track “Fly Away” is the first single from this album. It’s a more acoustic based sound; the tempo is relatively slow but the sound is very fun, tasty, and stylish.

Funky Latin sound comes back with the third track “Love In My Veins” starts. The uplifting tune would make for a fantastic live performance because it certainly makes you want to stand up and dance. song actually is reminiscent of Carlos Santana.“16 Monkeys” is a really fun song. The tune starts with the lyrics “Sixteen monkeys on a chuck wagon rolling down the road.”It’s a departure from the group’s ‘trademark’ vocal harmony though; it sounds like they are rapping throughout the song.

“Road To Nowhere” is somewhat disappointing; it comes between “Love In My Veins” and “16 Monkeys” and really alters the mood of the album. The song is a beautiful and nostalgic slow-paced country song, but it is very awkward to cut off the groove from “Love In My Veins” that resumes right after with “16 Monkeys.”

“Baby Girl” gives the listeners some pleasing sexy Latin rock sound. The combination of guitar riffs and percussion with occasional Spanish lyrics makes the song very attractive.

“Porn Star” is a very interesting tune with a mixing scratch sound effect based on blues music. The rapper named Kush, who is signed with the band’s own label, performs at the end of the song, which is a nice addition to the song.

The album ends with a hard rock tune “Believe.” It is a powerful ending, which is a great way to end an pretty eclectic sounding album from the group.

Track list

1. American Idle
2. Fly Away
3. Love In My Veins
4. Road To Nowhere
5. 16 Monkeys
6. Rockpango
7. Smile
8. Baby Girl
9. Change The World
10. Porn Star
11. Believe


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