NEW YORK — Linda Perry’s Deep Dark Robot played all the tunes from their debut album, 8 Songs About a Girl, on Friday at Webster Hall

They suddenly stopped playing “Speck” after playing 10 seconds because Linda Perry “wasn’t feeling it tonight” and she said “I do play only what I feel!”

Photos by Sarah Berman for Blast Magazine

They also played “Somebody Love Me Now!” It is a bonus track, which only people who digitally download the album can get.

The audience featured Kat Von D and Courtney Love.

Set list:

1. I’m Coming for You
2. No One Wakes Me Up Like You
3. Can’t Getcha Out Of My Mind
4. You Mean Nothing To Me
5. It Fucking Hurts
6. Won’t you Be My Girl?
7. Speck *They only played first 10 seconds*
8. Fuck You, Stupid Bitch
9. Somebody Love Me Now!

Eiko Watanabe of the Blast Staff contributed to this report.

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