Oh Fox News, you so crazy.

Fresh off their stint saying that Bulletstorm is sure to cause a rise in rape figures (no really), the cable news network has a new gaming target, the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever.  In this article, the author claims that the game is sexist in its portrayal of women.

Well duh.

“Brace yourself for the awfully sexist world of Duke Nukem Forever,” states the article “The game’s 1996 precursor Duke Nukem 3D — which sold 3.5 million copies, made millions for its developers and transformed the entire world of video games — depicted women as strippers and prostitutes. The new iteration of the game, set for release this spring, takes sexism to a new level — starting with Duke receiving implied oral sex from twins in school uniforms.”

Oh, and of course, Fox News got an expert to talk about the subject. This time, it was Woman’s Media Center VP Jamia Wilson.  “It was offensive then and it’s even more offensive now. These depictions of women are extremely harmful, especially to young women. The game will be available in stores and online, where customers must click a button stating they are 17 years of age or older — the only barrier to children buying such a game,” continues FOX. “The ESRB argues that its ratings effectively allow consumers to self-police: If you find that sort of thing offensive, simply don’t let your kids buy the game.”

Yes, the content in Duke Nukem Forever isn’t for everyone, but isn’t that what parenting is for?

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