Against NCAA Basketball, “Fringe” fell to a series low 1.3 in the ad demo and 3.8 million viewers overall. It landed in third place in its times lot. With this latest update in the season-long ratings saga for the beleaguered sci-fi drama, “Fringe” is now nearly certain to be canceled. While Fox President stirred the pot by saying “Fringe” might see a fourth season if it held 80 percent of its Thursday ratings, it has not done so, and its ratings have now sank 40 percent.

It’s time slot lead-in, “Kitchen Nightmares,” outdrew “Fringe” with a 1.5. “Kitchen Nightmares” is a reality show and thus far less expensive to produce.

CBS Friday was devoted to to the NCAA Tournament; those numbers are not final yet. ABC aired “Supernanny” and “What Would You Do;” NBC went with “Dateline” and a re-run of “Who do You Think You Are.”

Since most of the night was repeats, the Tourney or Reality, network averages are below.

CBS (Preliminary): 1.5 demo, 4.5 million viewers

Fox: 1.4 demo, 3.7 million viewers

ABC: 1.3 demo, 4.7 million viewers

NBC: 1.2 demo, 6.1 million viewers

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  1. Kymberly

    I am very disappointed to hear FOX is planning on cancelling “Fringe”. This show is smartly written and very creative. I am not a reality tv fan and I don’t care that reality tv shows are cheap to produce. They are low quality entertainment for those that don’t want to be challenged intellectually the way Fringe viewes are challenged.

    Little by little I’m watching less and less network on tv because of the lack of quality. Shame on FOX for moving Fringe’s schedule then cancelling because the ratings aren’t what they want.

    • Eerik

      The mindless drones are the ones that bring in the most money. Intelligent or not, Fringe is going to be canceled. The only thing to hope for now is a decent wrap-up. Oh well. Nothing left on tv to watch after Fringe is gone.

  2. John

    this is really sad. fringe is definitely a smart person show, basically, all the science is correct, the plots are excellent and the characters are easy to get attached to. this really sad.


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