Entertainment Weekly has released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki from the NBC Wonder Woman pilot. Needless to say, we’re pretty underwhelmed here at Blast. Having read through snippets of the script and David Kelley’s (from “The Practice” and “Ally McBeal”) treatment of the heroin and the hero world, this is one that we are likely going to avoid.

NBC is prepping this new take on “Wonder Woman,” (though possibly under a different title), helmed by Kelley. Palicki will play the heroin, who is a “successful modern woman” by day, while a heroic crime fighter by night. Palicki will have three identities, Diana Prince to the world and her friends, while also Diana Themyscira, CEO of Themyscira Industries, and finally as Wonder Woman.

Right now, there is only a pilot in place, though if NBC likes what they see, they may commission it to series this fall.

Fanboys, have at it.


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