USA TODAY reported Wednesday that Jermaine Jackson is going to write a memoir about the life of his brother, Michael Jackson. The book is called “You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes.”

It will focus on the several experiences Jermaine Jackson shared with MJ when growing up together in Gary, Indiana. Also, it is said that the book will cover some private topics such as MJ’s life as a worldwide star, his 2005 molestation trial, and the circumstances of his death.

Jermaine Jackson said in the release, “We don’t want Michael’s life – or death – to be an eternal mystery. This is the truth as we know it. I have read so much about what people think they know about Michael, but this is about what really happened. I hope to make sense of the occasions when the outside world struggled to understand my brother’s world.”

Touchstone publishers announced that it is slated for publication in the fall.

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